Awareness and Training

Health awareness campaigns are conducted throughout the villages. Awareness classes on Health, Sanitation and Menstrual hygiene are conducted, and Saukhyam cloth pads distributed. The people of the village, the children in particular, are taught the importance of properly washing their hands. Awareness on family planning encourages women to plan their families, as a survey showed […]

Adult Literacy Classes

Adult literacy classes were conducted for four months for SHG members in the tribal areas of Kerala, Orissa and Uttarakhand. It is being taken to many other villages across India. With the use of tablets and other teaching aids, the women mastered the alphabet and learnt numbers, addition and subtraction. They were taught to write and […]

Promoting Kitchen Gardens

The practice of maintaining kitchen gardens is not new to Indian villages, however, it has been dying out over the past 20 years or so. Such gardens have huge potential to combat various diseases. A kitchen garden can help decrease malnutrition or under-nutrition, especially in children, pregnant women and lactating mothers. It is a demanding […]