Constructing Toilets

AmritaSREE has a growing presence across the nation, with the SHG women in many villages being taught plumbing and being hired to construct their own toilets under supervision. It is the women of the SHGs who construct toilets for themselves as well as for the rest of the village, earning a livelihood for themselves and […]

Lemon Grass Oil Unit

Lemon grass grows wild and plentiful in the hills of Valaramkunnu, one of the tribal villages adopted by the Amrita SeRVe 101 village project in Kerala. The Live-In-Labs project under the Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, in which students are sent to the field to identify opportunities and design solutions, took the initiative to work with the […]

Making & Selling Soap

The production and sale of soap powder has resulted in a vast number of SHG members using their own soap. Making and selling soap also provides a livelihood. The covers for packaging and the materials for production are bought wholesale and entrusted to different SHGs. This ensures uniformity in quality and packing. Training is conducted […]