Theertham Chapathi Manufacturing Unit

“I live at Pilapuzha, Haripad and am the member of Vaishnava Swasraya Sangham, Haripad, part of the Haripad cluster. We have started a chapatti-making unit called Theertham with money loaned from the cluster. You can see Theertham chapattis in many shops in the vicinity. We have been repaying the loan without any lapse and have enough to take care of family expenses and put aside money for our monthly savings. There are five SHG members who work in this unit.”
— Sreeja, president of the AmritaSREE cluster at Haripad Anchamuri.

“I am Rekha Gopalakrishnan, president of the AmritaSREE SHG cluster at Haripad Anchamuri. There are six other office-bearers in the cluster. We have been able to meet the financial requirement of all our members, and our cluster is considered to be one among the finest.”
— Rekha Gopalakrishnan